"Adults Only" represents a labor of love...a lot of love and an enormous amount of labor. It's just my candid, sometimes quirky way of looking at life and the human scenarios within it, fact and fiction, real and imagined. Each song a story, each song a movie for the mind. Some achingly honest, some darkly humorous, some provocative.

There's a lotta' years of living in these songs. It's about as honest as I can get as an artist. As a friend of mine said "I don't know if these stories are true but they happened to me"

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1. Squeeze real player | windows media | MP3
2. Buns Of Doom
3. Shame
real player | windows media
4. Greed
5. El Dorado
6. What's That Comin'
real player | windows media
7. Avenue 63
real player | windows media
8. The Wait
real player | windows media
9. Old Man's Lament
10. Murder
11. Sailin' Shoes

Double Platinum Drums is a set of four CD roms containing nearly 2000 acoustic drum hits and loops from multi-platinum record winning drummer Michael Botts, producer John Boylan and engineer Paul Grupp.

Recorded in one of L.A.'s premier studios, Sound City, Double Platinum Drums delivers with over 1000 loops and phrases and 800 individual hits on four discs, with dry or room ambience, for a total of nearly 2000 samples! Jam-packed with useful grooves and kit combinations. A great tool for composers, songwriters and producers! For more information on this great CD Rom set, or to order, please visit Ilio Entertainment.

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